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Piccy of me.


I have always thought that there was nothing more thrilling than taking various pieces of knowledge and applying them to solve real problems in a practical manner. That is why I studied applied science (engineering chemistry, to be exact), and later on, became a lawyer. It's also why I started my own firm in 2018, after discovering that affordable legal services for early-stage startups in Toronto were hard to find. In addition, those kinds of legal services that could be found didn't necessarily get the healthcare space, the surrounding mountains of regulations, or that at the end of the day these start-ups might deliver innovations that could make a real impact on the lives of patients and their families. My goal is to help digital health start-ups with their legal needs so they can spend more time fixing healthcare.

Billable hours = yuck.

I hate the billable hour as much as you do. Do you want to guess how long it's going to take your lawyer to complete a task when it costs a few hundred dollars per hour of their time? Are you afraid to call your lawyer because they'll charge you by the minute? Aren't there some inherent inaccuracies in this kind of time-keeping system anyways?

Ask me for a quote and stop worrying.

I offer alternative billing arrangements including plain vanilla flat fees, flat-fee-per-milestone for more complex matters (including litigation), and quarterly/yearly all-you-can-legal subscriptions. Though if you insist, I guess I can do the billable hour (eyeroll).

Contact info.

Email: [email protected]
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